Simplest way of connecting zillow and salesforce.

Install in Production

Install in Sandbox


 Fully Supported on lightning experience and Salesforce 1

 Easily connect Salesforce and Zillow

 Supported on all Custom and Standard Objects

 Drag and Drop the component on any lightning Page

 Easy setup using the setting tab

How it works

  • You would need the API key from Zillow for zForce to work. Start by Signing Up on the Zillow Portal and then register for the zillow webservices
  • When setting up the account on Zillow, please ensure to select the Property Details API and Valuations API
  • You would receive the API key a.k.a Zillow Web Services Identification (ZWSID) in an email, Make sure you store that API Key
  • Go to your Salesforce instance (in Lightning Experience mode) and open the zForce application
  • Click on the Zillow Settings Tab and select the Acknowledgement Status to "Yes" please make sure to add the API in all the 3 input fields marked as Charts API,, Comps API Key, Deep Search API Key.
  • By Default, system adds the mapping for the Lead Object. You can delete it and add you own mapping or add more mapping for different object. (currently only setting per object is allowed)
  • Next step is to add the zForce lightning component on the Lead lightning page
  • Navigate to your lead details page, click on the edit page button (you can access this by clicking the Gear icon at the top-right cornor)
  • Once the lightning builder is fully loaded, in the left navigation scroll to the Custom Component Section, Drag & Drop the ZillowContainer on the detail page. Save the changes you have made.
  • You're done!!


Is there any charge / fee to use this app?

No, there is no charge to use this app. It's absolutely free of cost.

Is there any charge / fee to get the Zillow Web Services Identification?

No, there no fee for getting the ZWSID from zillow. Zillow has a limit of 1000 APIs calls per day.

Does the app store any data or send the data to external system?

No, zForce doesn't store any data in salesforce or transmit any data to external system apart from making the call to zillow API endpoints to get the property data.

Is there a roadmap?

Yes, google map integration, integration with other zillow API will come your way soon .

Will this be supported in Visualforce?

As of now there is no plan to make it available on VF page. We will notify you in case we make the changes

What is the process of upgrade?

We will notify you when ever we upgrade. You will just have to click the link and install a new version of the app.

When will it be available on AppExchange?

We are looking into the option to taking to appexchange. We will notify you once we do that.

Whom do I contact for support?

You may contact us at jungleeforce@gmail.com